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Apr. 12th, 2008 @ 10:55 am (no subject)
Does anyone know if any good addons to help me quest and level is a more efficiant manner? I am not looking for a bot. Right now I have QuestHelper, Koordinator, and TomTom. I also tried Tourguide and I am essentially looking for something that would be a mix of what QuestHelper is and what Tourguide tried to be lol. The one thing I liked out Tourguide is that is essentially layed out the most direct routes in a checklist to get things done. It told me what quests to pick up and what not to bother with. I didn't like the fact that it wouldn't mark things on the map (which QuestHelper does), and it seemed to me like you'd have to start from scratch to really utilize the addon. It was telling me to pick up and turn in quests I didn't have, nor were they available to me. I have kept QuestHelper because it marks things on the map and tells me what I need to complete each quest on the map, however, it doesn't essentially guide me in what to pick up and what to skip. Any ideas?
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