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Feb. 27th, 2009 @ 01:30 pm X-Posted.
First off, I would like to apologize if this has already been posted and for this not being an addon, but more of an addition. I figured this was just too good of a suggestion to not link to you all. Since I am sure this technically violates the terms of the community the mod is more than free to delete this post.

Anyways, for all you WoW heads out there I came across a post in the suggestions forum and thought it was a great idea. The post is regarding a new hero class that was thought up by Agrigor from the Shadow Council realm. Anyways, I am linking his original post for those of you that wish to read thru it. If you like the idea, go to the forum and bump the suggestion and comment away. They have also added some abilities and what have you in the later replies of the thread. The threads URL is http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=14910002349&sid=1


As Azeroth's timeline continues to take a battering from the Infinite Dragonflight and other threats, the Bronze Dragonflight has bolstered its ranks with the Time Wardens. Any race can be a Time Warden. Ingame, Time Wardens retain the racials and reputation status of their chosen race. Technically, your race is your 'guise' - the humanoid form you spend most of your time as. Examples of this already in the game include Chromie's chosen gnome form and Alexstrasza's elf form.

Time Wardens are born into the world in an instanced starting zone known as the Cradle of Time. This place has no solid and permanent location in Azeroth, instead being located deep in the mists of timelessness that can be glimpsed in the Caverns of Time. Time Wardens level to 58 through a series of quests that serve as an introduction to both the class and the history of Azeroth. They will briefly be flung into the creation of the world, the Sundering, important events from all three wars (from the RTS games), and perhaps even more recent events.

Time Wardens are a unique class that can fit two roles - DPS and healing. They are restricted to cloth armor at first, but at level 70 gain the ability to wear leather. Their spells revolve around the manipulation of time and space, and they strike a balance between the more direct damage of the mage class and the damage-over-time of the warlock class. The class uses two class-specific resources (I.E. rage, energy, runes) - Sand and Tempo.

Sand is represented by an hourglass on the UI. The Time Warden's abilities and playstyle change depending on where the sand is located in the hourglass. One half of the hourglass, colored gold, represents both the past and the present. When the Time Warden has focused on this half, he or she will be specializing in more instant and direct magic. When the silver half of the hourglass is active, the Time Warden will be thinking more in terms of the future and passage of time, and thus will be doing damage or healing primarily through DoTs. The Time Warden has the ability to control where the sand is flowing. If the Time Warden wants to move into silver/DoT mode, the hourglass can be turned to accommodate that. As the sand drains down out of the gold/Direct part of the hourglass, the Time Warden will slowly grow more powerful with their DoTs but less effective with their Direct magic. Thus, they have to choose between three different approaches - they can choose to specialize in either of the types or attempt to maintain a balance. When one globe of the hourglass is completely full, the Time Warden earns the ability to use several unique skills at the expense of completely losing the ability to use skills of the opposite type. A Time Warden with 100% focus on DoTs will gain a few very effective DoT-type skills, but will lose nearly all Direct skills.

Time Wardens use magic, but require no mana. Located next to the hourglass is a small clock resembling a vehicle's speedometer - this is known as Tempo. It dictates both the Time Warden's power reserves and how fast sand is flowing in the hourglass. When skills are not being used in rapid succession, the clock's hand will be in the green. Sand will moving quickly and the Time Warden will have leeway to cast a number of spells. When the clock is in the red, sand will move slowly and the Time Warden will not be able to cast spells as quickly. The amount of tempo a skill will drain is tied directly to which Hourglass bubble the Time Warden is currently using - using a direct spell when in DoT mode will drain a lot more tempo than it would if the Time Warden was in direct mode.

The Time Warden's three talent trees allow him or her to specialize in the role they wish to play.

RENDING - Talents here allow the Time Warden to rend time to damage their enemies. Talents here focus on increasing the Time Warden's damage output, turning them into glass cannons.

BENDING - Talents here allow the Time Warden to bend time in interesting ways. Talents here improve focus on status effects that Time Warden spells can impart - slowing enemy attacks, weakening them, and strengthening allies.

MENDING - Talents here allow the Time Warden to mend time and their allies, undoing damage done to them. Talents here are mostly focused around healing and group utility, though it also improves survivability for the Time Warden.

As a Time Warden 'matures', you gain the ability to shift into dragon form. At first you can only shift to a whelp form, gaining a 60% speed boost. At level 58 or 60 you unlock a dragonspawn form, which is confined to the ground but travels at 100% speed. At 70 you gain the ability to shift into drake form, a 60% speed flying mount. At 77, you can fully shift into a dragon, which travels at 280% flying speed.

At first this post was going to be about my idea for an entire expansion, but it's already TLDR material...it probably wouldn't have fit into a single post.

I really don't mind if no one reads this, or if people hate it. I write for a living and play WoW for fun, so occasionally I end up writing things like this just for kicks. If Blizz is reading this, and by some miracle thinks even a tiny portion of it is worth thinking about, go ahead. I really don't mind. It could be explained away as coincidence in any case.
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Date:May 14th, 2009 01:41 am (UTC)
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Sounds like my kind of class XD
I think that would be so sweet...